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  • BH3 #584 -- World Peace Through Beer

    October 25, 2017 6:00 pm HST

    Location: TBD

    When: 6:00pm Wednesday 10/25/17

    Where: We will let you know when the Hares let us know!

    Who: Hares: One Drunk Walking & Sperm Burping Shorty

    Why: Because this is a great Hash, and you should go!

    Bring: $5 Hash Cash, Virgins (free & ID required), Cranium lights, Whistle, Shiggy socks,
    Change of cloths? For On-After, $ and ID for On-After (yes you should go to
    On-After), create your pack mark, etc...

    Trail: Most likely A-A (will confirm later) & Dog friendly (on leash) unless otherwise noted.

    On-After: TBD