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  • #544 - Hallo-hash!

    October 26, 2016 6:00 pm HST

    Do you have your Halloween costume all ready? Are you ready to get it all covered in shiggy and cheap beer? If not, then put on some old PBR boxes (we know you have some!) and bring us the beer inside and we'll pretend it's a costume!

    Either way! Come dressed in your best Halloween finery and get ready for some tricks on trail followed by some treats in the form of beer (and knowing these hares, delicious, delicious Jell-O shots)!

    What: The BH3 Halloween Hash!
    Who: Sleeping Booty and the Seven Dwarves & Suzy Homewreaker!
    Where: Perkins Pier
    When: Wednesday the 26th, 6HST
    What to bring: $5 hash cash, a Halloween costume, cranium lamps, virgins and shiggy socks!
    Promises and lies: This trail will definitely not ruin your Halloween costume! There will be a prize for the costume that uses the most cheap beer in its creation! There won't be any disembodied brains on trail this year (I'm looking at your FIIK!)!