Invihash Information

It’s time again, for Invihash. Join us July 14 through 16 at the scenic Brewster River Campground in Jeffersonville Vermont. You should register now and join us then.
Your registration gets you a campsite, all the beer you can drink, five meals, an Invihash 2017 tag, a giveaway, beer, a trail through the woods of Vermont, beer, an UGH near the woods of Vermont, beer, and a river in which to drink your beer. We’ve reserved the entire Brewster River Campground again, so there’s plenty of space to spread out and UGH without fear of running into a kid or some nosy jerk.
Sign up and pay right away, and all this can be yours for just $80. We’ll raise the price as Invihash approaches, so if you wait too long, it will cost $90 or $100. If you wait until the absolute end, and try to pay us on July 14th, then you’d better bring lots of cash, because it’s $120 cash only and you probably won’t get a giveaway.
Here’s the how the weekend will go:

Friday, July 14th:

2:00pm: ARRIVE! Kegs are tapped. Go set up a tent.
Early evening: Grilling begins. Don’t expect much, it’s real basic grilling time. Hamburgers, hot dogs, a vegetarian option or two.
Dark approaches: FIRE!
Dark to 12:00am: A drunken good time
12:00am: UGH!

Saturday July 15th:

Morning: Breakfast and hangover recovery- maybe around the fire. Probably a beermosa or three
Later morning: More drinking
Lunchtime: Lunchtime
After lunch: TRAIL!!
After trail: A loooong-ass circle
After circle: A shit-ton of food to sop up all that beer.
More drinking time: More drinking
12:00am: Probably UGH

Sunday July 16th:

Find all your clothes
Clean up your shit
Clean up some deadbeat’s shit

See who is cumming here

Register here


Drive here


Registration Includes:

  • Food! Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast.
  • Beer! A great deal of it.
  • A campground! To do stuff in.
  • A giveaway! It’ll be good.
  • A tag! to prove you were here.
  • A trail! with more beer
  • All of this and maybe more, can be yours in exchange for money:
    • If you register and pay on or before Monday, June 5th the cost is $80.
    • If you register and pay on or before Sunday June 25th the cost is $90.
    • If you register and pay on or before Thursday July 13th the cost is $100
    • On FRIDAY, JULY 8th, we will gleefully gouge you for $120. That’s $120 CASH ONLY.
    • Register early or bring cash.